CEO Greeting
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    SMI has secured new manufacturing facilities and established mass production system based on strict quality management. We are able to produce various wrought copper fittings of all specifications, and they are widely used from water supply, gas, sanitation, and air conditioning & heating to various kinds of plant piping. Since March 2016, integrated piping and parts for air conditioning and heating have been additionally produced so that best products have been supplied on the basis of quality, specifications and certifications of each country including US, Germany, Japan, and Australia as well as Korea.
    In the wrought copper fittings and copper industry, in order to be a company acknowledged by customers, a company satisfied by customers and even a company where customers are happy, we promise that all executives and employees faithfully make an effort as a company responsible for production, sales and management with the artisan spirit, and reward customers through newer, more kind and exact services for best customer service.

    CEO Lee Ju Hyun